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Selling a property?

If you are considering selling a property in Ontario, chances are that you have already been considering the two most visible and common methods of doing so:

Through an agent – You will pay a significant commission to the broker for her knowledge and contacts in facilitating the transaction. Payment will be made once the deal is done.

Directly – You will make the effort of reaching out to buyers, whether through lawn signs or through the internet. You don’t pay a commission but may spend money in advertising. Right?

Now, what if we tell you that there is a third method.

Yes, there is.

The third method – How does it work?

It is a simple, consultative process. You will be kept updated right through the process and material steps taken after your concurrence.

  1. You will contact us with details of the property you intend selling. You may not realize it yet, but this effort will save you a lot of future effort and pave the way for a successful consummation of the property transaction.
  2. Once we have the requisite information, the project will be assigned to one of our local market experts (LMEs) who will kick off the process with a detailed report on the market, including information on comparable deals done, and recommendations on the target price.
  3. The LME will arrange for necessary marketing collateral to be readied which will include the following as a minimum (could be more, based on requirement):
  • Professional photographs of the property
  • MLS listings for and
  • Install lockbox
  • Install lawn sign
  1. From that point onwards, our team will handle all queries about the property. We will also arrange for the ‘showings’ to interested parties. You can sit back and relax while Roofup does the legwork for you. You could occasionally glance at the my Roofup dashboard while sipping coffee, to know what is happening with the property. Of course, as a valued client, we will be happy to talk to you or meet you as and when you would like to.
  2. Once the offers start coming in, we will be your negotiators, based on the leeway permitted by you. We will also handle the onerous task of arranging for all the paperwork that is invariably required in such transactions, to ensure a clean, successful completion of the transaction. At each step, whether negotiating on your behalf, or preparing the paperwork, you will have experts representing you.

How much does the service cost?

With Roofup, you will get the benefit of the accumulated knowledge and contacts of Roofup to facilitate the deal. At the same time, you will pay a fraction of what you would pay to the traditional agent.

In fact, we can tell you how much.

You will pay us only $2499.00. In relation to the price of your property, this would be an insignificant percentage. Payable only when your home sells.

If you are selling a home valued at $500,000 you can expect to save over $10K.

If you are selling a home valued at $2M, you can expect to save over $50K.

(Note: The comparison assumes a commission of 5%, with a 2.5% buyer agent commission, and our fee of $2,499.00 payable after completion of transaction, plus applicable taxes)

What is included in the service?

It might be simpler to ask “what is not included in the service?” as that will be a much shorter response – “Nothing.”

What you will get when you opt for this service:

  • Expertise of the Roofup LMEs. They are local market experts.
  • Price determination based on market trends as well as information on similar transactions concluded most recently. This is designed to get you the maximum returns while ensuring the transaction gets completed successfully.
  • Professional marketing collateral that will include HD photos of the property as well as suitably installed signage.
  • Promotion of the property through MLS listings on and
  • The support of a team that includes experts in negotiation, sales, documentation and other related disciplines.

The value of expertise

It is difficult to put a value on expertise.

With the evaluation and pricing of hundreds of homes, our LMEs are what we call them, experts. They have a wealth of knowledge on the local market and are best placed to successfully complete a deal.

A pricing strategy for a high value product like a home is a complex task. It needs to be high enough so that the seller gets a good return. At the same time it should not be so high that it is perceived as being too expensive by potential buyers. Marrying these two conflicting requirements is not a task for the faint-hearted and this is where expertise demonstrates its value.

Our recommendations are based on logic, backed by a study of local market practices and conditions.

Where can you start?

How about initiating a free home evaluation with our experts?


Show and tell

Being contacted by interested buyers with a request to see the property is both exciting as well as a bother. You really don’t know how serious these people are. Besides, altering your schedule to meet theirs may not always be possible.

With HomeFyndr, you take the excitement, while tracking progress on your dashboard, while leaving the botheration of property showing to us. Our team does it for a living. We will take care of it.

We will provide a lockbox for the door. Through our technology interface we will book showing based on available and possible timings. You will be kept informed through messages and notifications.

Negotiating and finalizing

There is many a slip between the cup and the lip goes the old saying.

Our experts make the distance from the cup to the lip minimal by ensuring complete transparency and disclosure at every step of the way.

Combined with the expertise of our specialists, whether it is negotiations, or drawing up the paperwork, this makes for a winning composition. Our experts are trained to attain successful outcomes in the shortest possible time, and they are at your disposal.

We will follow up the closure discussions with our electronic offer process so that nothing is left to chance and you are able to hand the ‘SOLD’ sign outside your house in the shortest time.

Vikas Palan, Sales Representative 
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