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Buying a house with

Buying a house, for many people, is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and perhaps the most expensive thing they will ever buy. Besides, since each property is unique, the price is a negotiated one, and not a standard exchange-driven one determined through the forces of demand and supply. Hence, using the services of, a leading property brokerage service that operates with local market experts.

Saving a few thousand dollars through a better price could be ample justification in itself. When you add the 50% cashback that offers to its clients, the proposition becomes market leading.

How much will you earn with cashback?

There is no cap on our cashback. Assuming a standard agent commission of 2.5% on purchase price, and a cost of $2,000 for fees and taxes, offers half of the net earned by the agent as cashback.

  • For a purchase price of $500K, the agent earns $12,500. The cashback will be $5,250 (half of $12,500 less $2,000).
  • For a purchase price of $1M, the agent earns $25,000. The cashback will be $11,500 (half of $25,000 less $2,000).
  • For a purchase price of $2M, the agent earns $50,000. The cashback will be $24,000 (half of $50,000 less $2,000).

As you can see, it is not small change.

The House Buying Process

We have the process mapped out for you in a few easy steps:

1. Doing your homework

While we will be doing all the work once you approach us, it is important for you to be ready before you approach us, or any other agent. The likelihood of you receiving a fulfilling experience are much higher if you go into it ready and prepared.

What do you need to do to be ready?

Crystallize your requirement – Each property is a unique combination of a variety of factors like location, size, age, condition, etc. The choices are bewildering diverse. It would help if you were to establish your needs in a manner that clearly sets the boundaries for what you are looking for and what you are not looking for. The following could be some of the considerations while establishing the boundaries:

  • Family size
  • Members of the family who will be living in the house
  • Need for add-ons like a garage, office, garden, etc.
  • School district, if relevant
  • Distance from and proximity to certain locations, like office, hospital, airport
  • Areas preferred and areas not preferred

Establishing the budget – This is a financial transaction. Eventually money is going to change hands. Determining how far you are willing to stretch your budget will also have a bearing on some of the factors in the earlier list. While you will surely have a good idea about your financial situation, the following might also help:

Check with your bank or a mortgage lender their willingness and ability, in terms of amount at terms acceptable to you, to lend for a house property

If you have a trusted financial consultant or tax advisor, discuss the implications of the intended purchase

While a house is a large purchase, it has a number of incidental costs as well, such as brokerage commission, legal fees, transfer charges, moving cost, etc. It is advisable to provide for all the incidental costs as well. You don’t want to buy a house for a million and struggle to pay a few thousand dollars for these incidental expenses.

If you are facing challenges in completing this step satisfactorily, can also support you at this stage, if you so desire.

2. Establish a relationship with

Having done the groundwork, you are ready to set the process in motion. This happens when you reach out to and make your interest in buying a house known to them.

Our model is that we work with a network of local REALTORS who have the most knowledge about their market. This, in our experience, results in the best deal for our clients.

When you get in touch with us for buying a house, the following will happen:

  • An agreement will be signed laying down the terms and conditions, including details of the cashback arrangement
  • Development of a dossier which will be based on the homework you have already done. The dossier will also have additional questions and suggestions that will try to specify the brief in a manner that it is understood by all in the same manner. This will also facilitate the task of the local REALTOR.
  • Additional information will be placed in the dossier by the local REALTOR that will have information on the local market conditions, as well as deals of similar properties in the recent past. This will help set benchmarks and goals for the local RRALTOR.
  • You will be introduced to the local REALTOR for easier day-to-day communication and interaction.

And the game, as Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes often says, “will be afoot.”

3. The Search

This is the point at which the search for the property begins. The dossier that has been referred earlier, will contain a study of the market particular to the type of property you are interested in. It will provide information on recent deals as well as other factors that could affect the search.

The automated tools we use for this part of the search unearth hidden properties as well as identify the ones that could be unreasonably priced.

We also set up email alerts to notify you as soon as new properties matching your criteria are added to the properties being put up for sale.

Once the process has been set in motion, it will become interactive. We will shortlist properties and alert you. You will review and provide feedback. Our search algorithms may need to be adjusted based on your initial feedback, leading to more rounds of searches.

Thereafter comes the physical inspection of the properties shortlisted. We will make all the arrangements while keeping you safe. Of course, you will need to be available for the physical inspection. Despite our years of expertise, we will not be able to do it as well as you can. We will also arrange for specialists to review the place if the need is felt, for example, if we find that the construction quality is poor, for an evaluation. Some buyers like to engage professionals regardless of the condition of the property for a pre-purchase inspection. They feel it is worth the investment. But these are personal choices.

4. Negotiating with sellers and reaching closure

With our team of experts on your side, you can rest assured that you will not be short-changed. This is particularly important in buying a house, as the price of each property is a negotiated one.

Our local research will be available to you, along with the insight of our local Roofup Realtor partners, for your guidance and support.

For the property you are interested in, a letter of offer will be communicated to the seller or their representatives to make our interest known. We will also help you deal with multiple offer situations in case you are interested in making an offer for multiple properties, with the insertion of suitable caveats.

Once the property has been identified and consensus reached, we will help you navigate the winding procedural and legal alleyways, and reach a satisfactory conclusion ending with our electronic offer processing solution that locks in the deal as soon as the parties reach an agreement.

5. Cashback paid

The house buying deal may have been done but the transaction is still open. This is because the cashback is due on the transaction.

Cashback payment is typically the last financial transaction after all others have been settled. As an expectation, you should allow about two weeks after closure for the cashback amount to change hands.

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