What are the best places to invest in real estate in Ontario 2023

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If you’re contemplating the purchase of a home in Ontario, you’re probably already acquainted with the areas that are exorbitantly priced and should be avoided. However, you might need to know the optimal locations to invest in real estate within Ontario. Fortunately, this recently published report from moneySense has all the answers you seek.

Best places to buy real estate in Ontario

Single Detached Median Price

CityQ1 2023Q1 2022
Sault Ste Marie$270,222 (-9.9%)$299,900
North Bay$445,000 (-5.3%)$470,000
Bancroft and district$526,500 (+2%) -
Tillsonburg district$635,000 (-21.9%)$813,100
Sudbury$407,750 (-13.6%)$471,888
Windsor Essex$500,000 (-23.8%)$655,900
Rideau St. Lawrence$475,000 (-11.6%)$537,200
Huron Perth$580,000 (-22.7%)$750,000
Quinte and district$575,000 (-23.5%)$752,000
Kawartha Lakes$650,500 (-23.5)$850,000
Sources: moneySense, CREA

Sault Ste Marie

Sault Ste. Marie, the third-largest city in Northern Ontario, offers a unique blend of natural beauty, strategic location, and economic advantages. Situated on the scenic St. Marys River, just north of the U.S. border and close to three of the Great Lakes, the city boasts a stunning backdrop for its residents.

With a population of over 70,000 people, Sault Ste. Marie perfectly balances the cozy charm of smaller towns and the dynamic energy typically associated with larger cities. The city’s welcoming atmosphere and strong sense of community create an inviting environment for residents and newcomers.

One notable advantage of Sault Ste. Marie is its affordable housing market. In Q1-2023, the median single detached home price was approximately $270,222, making it an excellent value compared to comparable properties in more competitive markets across the province. This affordability allows individuals and families to establish themselves in a vibrant and economically stable city.

Moreover, Sault Ste. Marie is set to benefit from “The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot,” a program designed to attract new permanent residents to the region. This initiative will bring diverse talents and skills to the city, enriching the local community and contributing to its growth and prosperity.

Another significant advantage for businesses in Sault Ste. Marie is designated as a foreign trade zone (FTZ) point. The FTZ status grants businesses importing and exporting exemptions from duties, tariffs, and taxes. This benefits the company with electric vehicle operations within the city and those in the surrounding areas, creating a favourable environment for growth and investment.

In summary, Sault Ste. Marie offers a compelling package of natural beauty, affordability, community spirit, and economic advantages. With its prime location, the affordable housing market, upcoming immigration initiatives, and FTZ status, the city is positioned for continued growth and prosperity.

North Bay

North Bay, located in Northeastern Ontario, stands out as one of the province’s most affordable regions for real estate. With a Single Detached Median Price of $445,000 in Q1 2023, the city offers attractive housing options at a reasonable cost, making it an ideal destination for individuals and families seeking affordability.

Originally developed as a railroad center, North Bay has grown into a thriving city with convenient transportation links. The North Bay/Jack Garland Airport serves as a gateway, providing easy access to and from the region. The city’s population exceeds 52,000, and approximately 81% of residents speak English as their mother tongue, fostering a sense of community and ease of communication.

North Bay prides itself on being a business-friendly community, offering low-cost, serviced industrial land for companies to establish operations. The city harmoniously accommodates multinational businesses while preserving its natural beauty with many parks and recreational facilities. The vibrant downtown core serves as a hub for commerce, providing a lively atmosphere for residents and visitors alike.

The city boasts a state-of-the-art regional healthcare center, the North Bay Regional Health Centre. This facility delivers top-notch acute care services to North Bay and the surrounding communities, acting as a district referral center for specialized medical services. The center also provides specialized mental health services to Northeast Ontario, solidifying North Bay’s reputation for world-class healthcare.

North Bay also prioritizes education, boasting extensive educational infrastructure to support its residents. The city offers a range of educational opportunities, including primary and secondary schools and post-secondary institutions, ensuring that residents have access to quality education at all levels.
North Bay is the perfect destination for those seeking a well-rounded lifestyle with promising career prospects. The city balances a high quality of life and excellent job opportunities. Whether enjoying the natural beauty, taking advantage of recreational amenities, or benefiting from the business-friendly environment, North Bay offers a compelling blend of affordability, convenience, and community spirit.

Bancroft and district

The Bancroft is a city on the Grand River in Southwestern Ontario. It offers a rich history and vibrant community. With a population of 104,688 as of 2021, Bancroft is a thriving city with numerous attractions for residents and visitors alike.

Renowned as the “Telephone City,” Brantford owes its moniker to the illustrious inventor Alexander Graham Bell. Here, Bell conceived the groundbreaking invention of the telephone within the walls of his father’s homestead known as Melville House. Today, this historic site stands as the Bell Homestead, nestled on Tutela Heights just south of the city. It serves as a cherished reminder of Brantford’s rich legacy of innovation and pioneering spirit.

Bancroft is nestled within the Golden Horseshoe, a region recognized as one of Canada’s most industrialized and densely populated areas. This location provides residents with many employment opportunities, cultural experiences, and access to modern amenities. The dynamic nature of the Golden Horseshoe ensures a vibrant and thriving community within Bancroft.

In recognition of its remarkable attributes, Brantford has been named one of the best places to invest in Canada in 2023. The city’s promising economic outlook and strategic location close to Hamilton make it an attractive destination for investors seeking growth and opportunities. Furthermore, Brantford stands out with its comparatively affordable Single Detached Median Price of only $526,500, making it an appealing option for homebuyers and real estate investors.

In summary, with its idyllic setting along the Grand River, Bancroft intertwines history, innovation, and economic potential. Its connection to Alexander Graham Bell, its position within the bustling Golden Horseshoe, and its recognition as an investment hotspot in Canada all contribute to making Bancroft and its vibrant neighbourhood of Brantford a desirable place to live, work, and invest.

Tillsonburg district

Sited in the heart of Oxford County, Ontario, Canada, lies the lively town of Tillsonburg. Boasting a population of 18,615, Tillsonburg enjoys a thriving atmosphere. Positioned just 50 kilometres southeast of London, the town reaps the benefits of its proximity to major centers and its strategic location within Ontario’s bustling manufacturing and agricultural hub. These advantageous factors make Tillsonburg an enticing destination for those seeking lucrative employment prospects and profitable investment opportunities.

When selecting a place to call home, ensuring safety is paramount. In Tillsonburg, you can relish the tranquillity of mind while taking leisurely walks through its streets, as the community strongly emphasizes safety. Moreover, Tillsonburg provides convenient access to essential services, guaranteeing that your needs are easily accessible and well-catered.

Tillsonburg shines as a hospitable hometown that seamlessly blends the finest aspects of rural and urban living. Offering a lower average single detached median price of $635,000 in Q1 2023, Tillsonburg is an enticing choice for those searching for an affordable and cozy place to settle down. Embracing the town’s welcoming ambiance, you can relish life’s comfortable pace while delighting in convenient access to all the essentials that make everyday living a breeze.

In conclusion, Tillsonburg encapsulates the essence of an appealing community. Its advantageous strategic location, thriving economic conditions, unwavering dedication to safety, and harmonious fusion of rural and urban features make it an idyllic place to call home. Whether you’re pursuing employment, investment prospects, or a serene and convenient lifestyle, Tillsonburg emerges as a town that truly enhances your quality of life.


Sudbury is a bustling urban center in Northern Ontario. According to the 2021 Canadian Census, it proudly claims the title of the largest city in the region, with a population of 166,004. It is a vibrant and energetic hub buzzing with various activities and opportunities. The city takes great pride in its vibrant and diverse community, notably enhanced by Franco-Ontarian residents’ significant presence. Their influence permeates Sudbury’s arts and cultural fabric, adding a rich and profound dimension to its vibrant landscape.

Sudbury shines as the central hub for learning and applied research in Northeastern Ontario, standing as one of its major strengths. The city boasts a range of esteemed educational institutions, such as a prestigious medical school, a distinguished architecture school, two exceptional colleges, and a nationally recognized university. This impressive cluster of educational opportunities guarantees that Sudbury residents have access to top-tier education while also fostering a culture of innovation and intellectual development.

Sudbury is one of the choices for individuals seeking a comfortable and cost-effective lifestyle. The city provides affordable housing (median price $407,750 for a single detached home) compared to other urban centers. Sudbury helps residents to achieve their homeownership dreams without burdening their finances.

Sudbury’s strategic location offers several advantages to its residents and visitors. The city is situated merely four hours away from Toronto by car or a short 50-minute flight; the city provides convenient access to one of Canada’s premier economic and cultural centers. Moreover, Sudbury is nestled amidst awe-inspiring natural landscapes, immersing residents and visitors in breathtaking beauty. A scenic drive from Ottawa takes just over five hours, allowing individuals to soak in the picturesque surroundings and experience the region’s captivating charm.

To summarize, Sudbury has a sizeable Franco-Ontarian population and is a regional hub for education and research. The city’s affordability, showcased by accessible housing options and low property taxes, significantly enhances its residents’ exceptional quality of life. With its advantageous proximity to major cities and captivating natural surroundings, Sudbury offers an enticing destination for individuals seeking a harmonious blend of urban convenience and natural beauty in their lifestyle.


Windsor is located in southwestern Ontario and is closest to the US city – of Detroit, Michigan. Windsor has a population of 229,660 in 2021, the third-most populous city in Southwestern Ontario, following London and Kitchener.

Residents of Windsor enjoy a strong sense of safety within their homes and communities. The region maintains crime levels comparable to the national average, with fewer severe crimes such as homicides. Windsor experiences at least 22% fewer severe crimes than larger cities like Vancouver or Toronto. Walking alone through the city, even at night, instills a sense of security for most Windsor residents.

Living in Windsor comes with the advantage of proximity to the United States, opening up numerous opportunities. Windsor provides an excellent opportunity for individuals to seek employment across the border in the United States. Residents can receive their income in US dollars and take advantage of the favourable exchange rate to CAD. Also, residents can enjoy the convenience of shopping at American department stores like Target and Nordstrom Rack and famous grocery chains such as Meijer and Kroger.

Windsor offers available and affordable housing ( $500,000 median price for a single detached home in Q1 2023 ) compared to other major cities in Canada, like Montreal or Toronto. Although house prices slowly increase, the Windsor house price remains affordable for many families.

Overall, Windsor offers a unique blend of safety, cross-border opportunities, and attractive real estate options, making it an appealing destination for individuals and families seeking a high quality of life in a vibrant community.

Rideau St. Lawrence

Prescott is located on the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River in Ontario, Canada. In 2021, it had a population of 4,078 2021 and provides a close-knit community where individuals can thrive.

Prescott boasts an enviable location in the heart of the renowned Thousand Islands region and in proximity to the US border. This strategic positioning allows convenient access to nearby cities such as Kingston, Ottawa, and Montreal. Whether it’s for work, leisure, or cultural exploration, residents of Prescott enjoy the ease of reaching these vibrant urban centers.

Prescott beckons nature enthusiasts and adventurers with its stunning waterfront, scenic trails, and pristine parks. Whether it’s tranquil riverside walks or exhilarating hiking and biking paths, the town offers endless opportunities to embrace the captivating beauty of the great outdoors.

What truly sets Prescott apart is its welcoming and inclusive community. The town prides itself on valuing its residents, both long-time locals and newcomers alike. Those who settle in Prescott will be embraced by a warm and friendly atmosphere. Making friends, building a social network, and establishing a sense of belonging become effortless and enjoyable.

Living in Prescott is rewarding on a social level and a financial one. The town offers an affordable cost of living, making it an attractive option for individuals seeking reasonable housing prices (median price $475,000 of Single Detached in Rideau St. Lawrence area ) and living expenses. Whether you’re searching for a cozy apartment or a spacious house with a generous yard, Prescott provides a range of housing options to suit various budgets.

In summary, Prescott presents an idyllic lifestyle for its residents. Its captivating natural surroundings, convenient access to neighbouring cities, welcoming community, and affordable living costs make it an exceptional place to call home. Whether captivated by its scenic beauty, eager to explore the outdoors, or seeking a friendly community, Prescott offers an excellent opportunity to create a fulfilling and enriching life.

Huron Perth

Stratford, the seat of Perth County in Southwestern Ontario, is a thriving city conveniently located 40 km west of Kitchener-Waterloo and 50 km northeast of London. Despite its modest population of just over 31,000 as of 2016, Stratford offers many opportunities.

Housing options in Stratford cater to diverse preferences, ranging from heritage neighbourhoods with expansive lots to modern subdivisions with all the amenities, condos, townhouses, and picturesque countryside properties. The city ensures everyone’s satisfaction, with a median price of $580,000 for single detached homes as of Q1 2023 in the Huron Perth area. Small tucked-away neighbourhoods provide an ideal environment for raising a family or enjoying retirement.

Education in Stratford is well-established, with fourteen elementary schools within walking distance of virtually every neighbourhood. The city has three secondary schools and offers various post-secondary education options. The downtown area hosts the University of Waterloo’s satellite campus, offering undergraduate and graduate programs in media, IT, interactive design, and business. Conestoga College’s city campus provides career-focused programs, continuing education courses, and the Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. Moreover, the renowned Stratford Festival collaborates with nearby institutions like the University of Windsor, the University of Western Ontario, Brock University, and the University of Waterloo to offer theatre studies and arts courses.

Stratford’s economic landscape is diverse and thriving, considering its relatively small size. The city maintains its agricultural roots and supports the surrounding agri-industry, which includes mixed farming, dairy, and hogs. Stratford is also widely recognized as a hub for the arts, with tourism and hospitality as a primary industries. The city boasts four performing arts theatres, a wide range of dining options, and an impressive selection of over 90 hotels, inns, and suites. Stratford is also home to prominent establishments such as RBC’s $300 million Data Center, the Starwood Call Center, and various manufacturing industries, including Cooper Standard, C.R. Plastic Products, DYNA-MIG, and VicWest, providing ample employment opportunities.

In summary, Stratford’s small size belies its wealth of opportunities. With its diverse housing options, excellent education institutions, thriving arts and tourism industry, and a range of employment sectors, living in Stratford is an ideal choice for individuals seeking a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle.

Quinte and district

Belleville is a city which was located between Ottawa and Toronto and sited on the Moira River and next to Lake Ontario. It had a population of 50,716 in 2016.

The Belleville has a strong sense of community fostered by close-knit neighbourhoods. Residents actively engage in their local communities, participating in events like block parties and fundraisers.

Belleville supplies affordable housing, with the median price for single detached homes being $575,000. This makes it a desirable destination for cost-effective living. The city offers multiple housing options, including apartments and houses, effectively meeting the needs of residents who seek affordable accommodations compared to other Canadian cities.

The city’s advantageous location is another significant draw. Being close to Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal, three major Canadian cities, Belleville is a prime spot for professionals who frequently travel for work. Its strategic position has also established it as a crucial transportation hub along the routes connecting Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. This has facilitated the growth of various businesses, including logistics and distribution firms, which benefit from Belleville’s excellent transport links. The city also boasts a thriving manufacturing sector contributing to its economic prosperity.

Belleville offers public and Catholic schools at the elementary school level that provide high-quality education to local children. Public schools like Prince of Wales and Bayside Public School consistently achieve impressive test scores. Catholic schools like St. Michael Catholic School and St. Joseph Catholic School provide a faith-based education and a robust academic curriculum.

Kawartha Lakes

Lindsay, located in the Kawartha Lakes region of south-eastern Ontario, Canada, is a vibrant community with a population of 22,367 per the 2021 census. Known for its core industries of farming and lumbering, Lindsay still maintains a significant presence in the farming sector today.

With over 6,800 businesses, Lindsay offers ample employment opportunities across various economic sectors, making it an ideal place to pursue career growth or embark on a new professional journey.

Lindsay is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering various recreational activities. From golfing and hiking to fishing, swimming, and more, there are plenty of options. With its stunning natural surroundings, Lindsay provides the ideal haven for those who value the great outdoors and seek an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

The real estate market in Lindsay caters to diverse preferences, ranging from smaller, historic homes to modern suburban subdivisions. However, fully detached single-family homes remain the most sought-after type of property for sale in the area, reflecting the preferences of the local housing market.

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